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Liz Maldonado, known in professional circles as LizUpdos LLC, is a seasoned event hairstylist and an emerging icon in hairstyling education. Her journey commenced in 2011, and over the course of 11+ years, she has blossomed into a luminary renowned for her signature Glam waves and opulent Luxury hairstyles. Within the tapestry of the beauty industry, Liz has uncovered her true passion, a sentiment that radiates through her every creation. Her artistry has graced the pages of international magazines, leaving an indelible mark on the global hairstyling landscape.

Liz's illustrious career has seen her collaborate with a diverse clientele, spanning over 400 brides, influencers, and notable public figures. Her skillful hands and keen eye have adorned countless heads with elegance and sophistication. Not confined by geographical boundaries, Liz's artistry knows no limits as she traverses Florida and the world beyond to lend her expertise to destination weddings and exclusive events.

Blessed with a repository of feedback and accolades, Liz resolved to embark on the next chapter of her journey – that of an educator. Drawing from the wealth of wisdom amassed during her years as a hairstylist, she endeavors to impart her knowledge to aspiring stylists. Liz finds fulfillment in nurturing burgeoning talents, equipping them with the invaluable dos and don'ts of hairstyling across diverse hair textures. Beyond the realm of technique, her curriculum delves into the intricacies of product knowledge, expedient tricks for refining styles, the art of assembling a stylist kit, and many other insights.

In the current year, Liz birthed the brainchild known as "Bts Glam Squad." This venture is a testament to her commitment to fostering a community of exceptional artists. Guided by her visionary leadership, she has nurtured a team of five exceptionally talented artists, each a product of her mentorship and guidance. This initiative is not a culmination but a beginning, as Liz harbors ambitions of perpetually nurturing and expanding her artistic family.

Liz Maldonado's journey encapsulates passion, artistry, and the profound desire to elevate others. Through her art, education, and team-building efforts, she continues to shape the future of hairstyling and inspire countless others to find their paths of creative expression.

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