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 Hands-on Hair Class Information

Please find below all the information you'll need for our hands-on hair classes from private to our master class. We've attached our Amazon store for the best tools and products for your kit. We will also send you our list of must-have once you secure your spot.

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What To Bring To Class

  • Blowdryer

  • 1inch Curling Iron

  • 1 1/4 inch Curling Iron

  • 1inch straighteners

  • LaLa Crimper ( Can borrow mine in Class)

  • Tease comb

  • Tail comb

  • Wide Tooth comb

  • Fork Comb

  • 3 different sizes ( 3/4 inch , 1inch, 1 1/2 round brush)

  • Wet brush

  • Duck clips

  • Hair bungees

  • edge control brush

  • Boar bristle with Nylon mix brush

  • No-bend clips

  • Section hair clips

  • Meta grip bobby pins

  • Hair pins


What hair products to bring 

  • Medium hold Spray

  • Volume Firm hold spray

  • Freeze Spray

  • Texture spray

  • Dry shampoo

  • Volume Powder Spray

  • Shine Spray

  • Wax spray 

  • Edge control

  • Volume mousse 

  • Blow dry spray

  • Root Lifter

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Mannequin / Live Model

  • Bring a mannequin or use ours. 

  • Bring a live model (the hair model cant be a stylist)

  • Recommended model with hair type you need more help on

  • The model should have medium/long hair for glam waves

  • Model brought by artist


You and take notes

  • Bring Yourself- Be comfy and ready to learn all my tips and tricks.

  • Bring a notepad, or write everything down in your Notes on your phone. 

  • Get ready to learn new habits to excel in bridal hairstyling

  • No recordings unless approved too

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